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Vanya : Shikargah Kanjivaram Saree In The Shades Of Purple And Red



Shikargah symbolises hunting, in India hunting was practiced since centuries. The roots of this skill date back to Persia, it is a highly labour intensive process requiring utmost detailing and intricacy, it takes months of work to correctly depict the hunting scene on the saree. The hunting design contains brocade which is rich, representing history and culture. Usually hunters with spears on elephants are also woven upon the saree, but as a value to protect wildlife we have ensured not to depict any such element which promotes hunting. Our saree has a classic amalgamation of lions, elephants, deers and peacocks, intricately woven in zari threads.

Kanjivaram Sarees
Kanjivaram sarees are woven from mulberry silk thread and the Zari of south India, the speciality of this saree is that the border and the pallav are woven separately and later joined together. The golden lustre of the zari threads. The pallav?s colour is different in colour than that of the saree, it gives a graceful contrast. The medieval Indian literatures associated kanjivaram fabrics with gods.
Please Note
The saree comes with its own blouse piece. The model is wearing a separate blouse for styling purposes. Please scroll through a few images to see the actual blouse piece of the saree.


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