1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022: A well-placed pun can be satisfying indeed. It might get a chuckle from people as they go about their day, but there’s always one person who appreciates the cleverness of the caption.

Looking for inspiration for your next Instagram post featuring your little one in diapers? We have you covered with over 200+ captions to choose from!

If you’re using Instagram for business, it’s important to make use of captions. Captions can add context to your images and videos, as well as additional information that users might not have known otherwise.

Make sure to create a Business profile if you haven’t already, and take advantage of the extra features this type of profile provides.

Do you want to post pictures of your kid on Instagram? You could try one of these amusing baby diaper captions.

These are meant to be amusing and will make people chuckle when they see the photos you share. The best part is that they work with any photo, so there are no restrictions!

Documenting your baby’s growth on social media is a great way to keep track of their progress. However, taking photos can be difficult – especially when trying to capture funny moments. Sometimes you have to be creative in order to make sure that you don’t miss anything important.

Check out these hilarious diaper captions for your next funny photo! Whether someone is wearing their diaper on their head or just got out of the bathtub.

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Best Diaper Captions For Your Instagram Post

  • They take my milk and put me in a diaper…and then they smile! Freaks!!!
  • Life is good when you’re in a diaper.
  • Looks like someone’s getting potty trained today! You’ve got that whole diaper thing down.

I could play soccer in diapers, but not the kind where I have to wear shoes. That would hurt.
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • Okay, who’s this and what did you do with my baby?
  • You may not be old enough to drink, but we all know what happens when somebody gets their hands on some alcohol. Congratulations!
  • Isn’t it a little early for swim lessons?
  • I swear that my baby’s about to break out of this diaper!”
  • You’re really going to have some explaining to do when you get home.”
  • My mommy says she can tell I’m big now because the bubbles spell ‘big.'”

I’m not sure if this is what we’re supposed to do, but I think it’ll be really funny.
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • Bubble baths are good for everyone!
  • It looks like somebody is super excited about being potty trained soon! Hooray for big boy diapers!
  • Oh noooo…Take me back…I don’t want to go into training pants yet!!! Nope nope nope!!!! Let’s try again next week please???
  • If it’s not in the diaper, it didn’t happen.
  • Diapers are like snowflakes, no two are alike.
  • I don’t always wear diapers, but when I do, I rock the hell out of them.”
  • I’m a diaper lover, not a fighter.

Diapers: for when you don’t want to mess with underwear.
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • Who needs a bed when you’ve got diapers?
  • Hi future baby pic! Can’t wait to see what you’ll look like in a diaper.
  • Oh, no! You’re not wearing any pants at all – just diapers… we need to get some clothes on ur butt ASAP before people start talking about u.
  • What’s going through your mind right now? Just me and my thoughts here or something else?
  • The cute and cuddly little monster from Monsters Inc is back for more mischief!
  • Just call me Mr. Cuteness because that’s all you’ll be seeing for awhile now that I’m wearing diapers again.”
  • Who’s the one who drew these funny pictures and captioned them with even funnier words?
  • It looks like I’m not the only baby in this family that needs training.
  • Looks like somebody has been getting into Grandma’s makeup again.
  • We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this very important message: I’m a big boy now!

You may not be old enough to drink, but that doesn’t mean we can’t toast to your future alcoholism. Cheers!
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • Okay, who’s been using my toothbrush?
  • I’m not the only one who likes to put things on my head!
  • Okay, somebody tell me what’s wrong with this picture. Hint: it isn’t just a baby in a diaper on their head.
  • I can’t believe it’s already been a year since you were born. I’m so proud of the little man that you are!
  • Who let this thing out in public?
  • When you see it, the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘Who would do this?’

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Can’t we just have a normal bath without bubbles spelling out words like “I’m big”?
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • I don’t care what you think, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day
  • I blame my dad for not reading me enough Dr. Seuss books as a child (and letting me wear bubbles on my head)
  • This looks like it could be something that Baby Einstein would do when he was potty training in his early years
  • How did we come up with such an original way to spell “I’m big now?”
  • All grown up and still wearing diapers, huh? We’ll see about that…

Best Diaper Captions For Your Facebook Post

If you’re looking for some funny captions to add to your Facebook posts, look no further! Sissy diaper captions for Facebook is a new way to get laughs, with clever and humorous captions that are sure to make you smile.

  • Daddy’s little girl sucks on her pacifier all day long. Now she needs a new one!
  • Mommy’s spoiled baby
  • “My momma says I’m too cute for my diaper”
  • “A man with a plan, is better than the one without a brain.”

What do you say to someone that takes your photo? “Toilet please!”
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • I don’t want to lay in this wet bed. -I’ll just take it back then! Haha!
  • No one can see my phone, I’m a secret agent
  • I’m a big baby, and I need my diapers.
  • I’m a grown man, but I still like to wear diapers.
  • I may be in diapers, but that doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.
  • “Do I need to change my diaper or are you just happy to see me?”
  • I’m a little baby, don’t be mean to me!
  • I’m not wearing any pants, and I need to poop.
  • I like my diapers because they’re comfy! They make me feel safe.

“My diaper is full of happiness.”
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • I know it’s not actually mine but I still like to suck on it.
  • “Mommy doesn’t love me any more because she won’t let me use her lipstick.”
  • “If you’re reading this then look at the camera and wave!”
  • I’ll grow into them eventually. What do you think?
  • “The best way out of an argument is through the door.”
  • “If I were born rich, people would call me lucky instead of poor”. -You can be as dirty or clean as you want and still come home to me. And if daddy doesn’t like it he has no right coming between us.

“The best part of being in diapers is that I can pee whenever and wherever!”
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • “Mommy said it’s time for my nap so she put on the most comfy diaper.”
  • “My favorite thing about this new diaper is how comfortable they are.” “This one just feels right.”
  • “It’s a good thing they make these clothes for babies because, without them, the milk and cookies would get everywhere.”
  • “I’m not a big baby.”
  • “My mommy says I’m the best diaper she’s ever seen”
  • “Shut up and take my money!”
  • “This is what we do when our parents are on vacation. We eat all their food, break things, and paint everything red to make it look like blood because that’s just how kids play these days.”
  • Do you need extra protection?

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Diaper? What am I? Edward Scissorhands?
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • When in doubt, change your pants
  • If I could go back in time, this would have been your Facebook status update: “Congratulations darling daughter – first day of preschool!” (picture of cute baby with her arm around mom)
  • I love you, Mommy.

I’m your little baby girl and I think that’s pretty cool.
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • “Being a diaper model is the best job ever!”
  • I can’t wait to be potty trained!
  • “There are days when I feel like an adult.”
  • “Diaper wearing definitely has its perks.”
  • “When will my time come?” (picture of sad toddler holding her head)
  • “My mommy says I’m special cuz she changed my dirty diapers”

Girl in Diaper Captions For Instagram (2022)

Looking for Instagram captions for your diaper girl pics? Look no further! I’ve got you covered with a list of my favorite captions for photos of babies and toddlers. From funny to sweet, there’s something here for everyone.

  • The best thing in life is having someone who will always be there for you no matter what
  • No matter how hard you try, there’s no such thing as a perfect parent.
  • I’m not sure what I love more about this picture… her laugh or the drool.
  • You’re never too old to hold your momma’s hand and feed them grapes in public!
  • Just because they can’t put it in their mouth, doesn’t mean you should stop giving them grapes!
  • I’m not sure if I enjoy this more when she’s smiling or when she’s rolling around on the floor laughing.

You know what? I like sitting next to her and watching a movie on my phone even better than being at work.
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • I love that she is becoming everything we hoped for and dreamed of – our little girl
  • We’re so lucky to have such an adorable, perfect little girl.
  • She’s the best part of all my days and I’m just thrilled you are in our lives.
  • I love when she curls up next to me for a nap – it makes everything better!
  • We’ve been through some tough times but we made it because your light is always shining. We wouldn’t be here without you baby girl.”
  • Daddy’s little girl on her pacifier all day long. Now she needs a new one!
  • When you want to change your baby’s clothes for the first time all day.
  • I’m so lucky I have a girl because she can wear anything and it looks cute!

My little flower: her favorite accessory is a big smile.
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • She’s so cute, I just want to squeeze her!
  • She has the most beautiful blue eyes. They could be my favorite thing about her.
  • No one is more precious than you and no one in this world can make me as happy as you do.
  • I love that you’re always so happy. You never let anything get you down.
  • You don’t know how to be shy or afraid because I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
  • You’re my little sunshine. You’ll always light up my day.”
  • You’ve grown so much already and I can’t wait to see who you turn into!
  • She’s the best part of every single one of our days.
  • We are your parents but she is everything to us.”
  • I love that we get to witness your growth because it just brings me more joy than words could ever say.
  • “She has taught me what unconditional, selfless love really looks like – and how powerful a momentary hug from her will be for years to come”
  • I am in awe of your feet and how they can get you to where you want to go
  • You’re such a big girl now! You’ve grown so much this year. I’m proud of all the things that you do, because there’s nothing more wonderful than seeing my daughter grow up.”
  • “I have loved watching her personality blossom into something beautiful”

She has taught me what unconditional, selfless love really looks like – and how powerful a momentary hug from her will be for years to come”
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • “We are your parents but she is everything to us.”
  • Every day with our little one is better than the last.”
  • “When we had her, it was as if we
  • I’m a pretty cool guy and I know it
  • My world is all about you, my only one. It’s just me and you (and the occasional diaper change)
  • I love your smell because it reminds me of sunshine & fresh air
  • Love at first sight: when Mommy brought home her little bundle of joy!

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Boy in Diaper Captions For Instagram (2022)

Aww, babies in diapers are the cutest thing on this planet! And taking selfies from their own point of view is super cute too. But coming up with captions for these pics can be tough – that’s why we’ve put together a list of great diaper boy captions for Instagram. Now you can focus on what really matters: raising your kids!

  • I’m the happiest baby in the world!
  • I have a whole row of teeth (this is my favorite)
  • Hey, I bet you can’t make me laugh.  (This one’s really good too).
  • You know? Sometimes being a kid means that it takes more than just getting what we want to be happy.
  • My life may not always be glamorous but at least I don’t cry myself to sleep every night and nothing else matters because all that really counts is family.
  • Hold up…what am I doing here?! What happened last night?
  • Hey, what’s up?

I’m a diaper boy!
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • My life in a nutshell.
  • Free from the constraints of time and space.  (This is my favorite one).
  • When I grow up I want to be an astronaut too! (a really old quote but it still carries weight)
  • P.S.: I’m wearing a diaper!
  • The real “me” is the one in my undies! (I like this one)
  • Mommy and Daddy love their little prince so much that they decided to buy him a royal throne on wheels, but if he doesn’t want to sit there then it’s okay because he can always just chill in his crib.
  • A baby’s butt is always cute. Always
  • All you need is love, and diapers are free of charge.
  • If you’re a mom, you know how hard it can be to raise children.
  • I love my baby as much as I’d like another glass of wine right now!
  • Babies are always the best excuse for laundry.
  • My babies are so cute and they make me want to eat them all the time.
  • Daycare is giving her new friends lots of attention, but she still loves daddy’s kisses best.
  • Taking a dump
  • The cutest little thing I’ve ever seen!
  • Born to poopie stinky poo pee pee pad pads!
  • “Do we have cookies?” “No but we have some wipes if you want one.” (“because these things
  • Just a boy being himself.
  • This cute little guy is ready to take on the world!
  • Tiny human with big dreams.
  • When you have more kids than wipes.
  • I can’t believe these are my kids.

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“My little angel is growing up so fast.”
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • I’m just going to come right out and say it: I love you, mom.
  • “Babies keep me young.”
  • Don’t forget about the most important part of your day: diapers!
  • “Dirty clothes don’t match dirty clothes.”
  • One of my favorite humans I’ve ever met in my entire life.
  • I’m not sure where this kid gets his energy from, but he’s adorable either way!
  • He may not have mastered the art of walking yet, but he’s a natural in front of the camera.
  • The world is going to be theirs for the taking one day!
  • “Hands down, the best thing to do for your baby is to diaper them.”
  • “It’s not just a bag of air. It’s my son!”
  • I’m going out with my daughter and her friends tonight…I hope they’re all wearing clean diapers!

More Diaper Caption Ideas For Babies (2022)

Looking for funny captions to put on your baby’s pics? Look no further! This blog post is packed with hilarious ideas that will have your little one cracking up.

From clever quips to silly sayings, you’re sure to find a caption that suits you and your sense of humor. So grab a pen and paper, because it’s time to get creative!

  • I’m just trying to relax because I’ve been so tired lately. It’s hard when you’re growing up!
  • When did the world get so big?
  • It was smaller last time we checked in with each other.
  • How much coffee have you had today? You seem really happy and talkative!
  • Don’t worry about what people say behind your back; they might be talking about how good looking your face is from the front view!

You are my favorite person everrrrrr, especially inside of meeee!”
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • “The funniest things happen when Mama isn’t around.” -Me.
  • The kids are never getting off my lawn!
  • I’m not wearing any pants today.
  • I think I’m just gonna stay in bed all day.
  • I don’t know if you’ll ever grow up to be a big person, but at least today you’re cute!
  • It may not be my fault that your shirt has spaghetti sauce on it, but it sure is fun blaming someone else for everything.
  • What’s the one thing every baby needs? A good night’s sleep! Let me show you how we do it at home – and let me tell ya’, It ain’t easy!”
  • “Mama always told me life was like a box of chocolates.” “Yes,” said the little girl as she popped her pacifier out from under her chin where she had been using it as an anchor to keep her pacifier in place during the speech. “But I don’t think Mama ever said which kind of chocolates are best.”
  • The more time it
  • You’re the best and you know it
  • I can’t believe how good looking I am!
  • You are my sunshine. You brighten up my world.
  • What’s not to love about us? We rock!
  • I’m not a baby anymore!
  • What do you think of this new photo? #cutie
  • Do I have to give up my night time bottle?
  • I’ve been trying to potty train him, but he’s too fat.
  • I’m still just a bitty baby!
  • I think he’s developing an addiction to this pacifier.

This is the cutest, most beautiful little boy in the whole world!
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • Do you want your diaper changed? I can’t do it because my hands are too full of toys.
  • He has less than one toy and he’s already crying his eyes out…we’ll miss him when we go away for vacation.
  • I think he’s developing an addiction to this pacifier.
  • You can’t get rid of the baby! I take no responsibility for any lost sleep from now on…
  • I know you’re not old enough for a beer yet, but I thought it might be good practice?
  • How do they make these bottles so small and me so big?
  • Why am I always sleepy when everybody else is awake?
  • leeping is fun, I can do it anywhere
  • Aw, my little baby’s growing up so fast!
  • You know what they say about a watched pot? You’ll never have any pots.

I’m tired and cranky all day every day, but it gets better after lunchtime. And by ‘lunchtime’, I mean when you’re finally asleep for the night!”
1000+ Abdl Diaper Captions | Diaper Instagram Captions 2022

  • Every day is a good hair day.
  • “You’re such an angel. I just want to eat you up with some rice and ketchup.”
  • “Dada! Dada! Dada!” (sounds like the guy in horror movies)
  • “Look at all those people that wanted me and couldn’t have me, now they can’t get rid of me!”
  • “It’s ok guys, we’ll be back soon enough. Just as soon as Mommy gets her milk out again…” #nursingqueenyoassup”


These diaper Instagram captions will make your posts more interesting and keep them from feeling stale. Share some of your favorite moments by writing about what is happening in the photo or telling people how it made you.

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